Akasha Puppy

We hope you are doing well and just wanted to send a few of update photos of Watson now that he’s about six and a half months. The first one is a camping trip we did this fall with both of our pups, and the second one is our dogs in our back yard enjoying the snow a few weeks ago! The last two pictures are Watson with our friend’s dog, Max, who is also from Vorderosa (he was born in February 2018 and I believe his dad was Coulter)! We can’t believe how similar they look! Watson has been such an amazing puppy- he is so calm, cuddly, loves to play, and loves training (especially when his food is involved)! JUNE 2023 UPDATE: We wanted to share some recent pictures of Watson now that he’s a year old. Watson continues to be the most perfect, happy-go-lucky puppy! He is playful, gentle, and calm. His favorite things are exploring outside, meeting new people, playing with our nieces and nephews, playing tug-of-war, and playing with his big sister, Pippa. We’ve taken a few different training classes with him, and he’s responded really well to training and is always eager to learn new things. He also tried out swimming for the first time this past weekend, and he was a bit cautious at first, but eventually we couldn’t keep him out of the water!! Watson has been the best addition to our lives!

- Molly & Zach