Frequently Asked Questions

Adopting FAQs

How do I reserve a puppy?

Fill out the Application Form found on our website. Once approved, a Puppy Deposit is due when the puppy is born.

How do you determine pick of the litter?

Pick of the Litter is awarded to the the first Puppy Deposit that is received in the mail for a specified litter, either male or female puppy. The remaining Picks are awarded based on the order the deposits are received in the mail. Deposits are separated according to the gender of the puppy.

NOTE:  Vorderosa Retrievers reserves the right to keep back the Breeder's Pick of the Litter for any litter. This Breeder's Pick of the Litter is always before the Pick of the Litter to the general public.

Can I be on the Reservation List twice?

Yes, if you want to purchase two puppies. If you want to purchase one puppy, you will need to be on the Reservation List once, with one Puppy Deposit sent in.

Are your dogs & puppies Registered?

Yes. Our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. Information about AKC can be found at If you would like your new puppy AKC registered, just ask and we will provide Limited Registation AKC paperwork when your puppy is picked up.

What is Limited Registration?

LIMITED REGISTRATION is with AKC and there are NO Breeding Rights to the buyer. A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration is still eligible to be entered in AKC Performance Events such as: Agility, Barn Hunt, Earthdog, Farm Dog, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Obedience,  Lure Coursing, Tracking and more!

Pricing FAQs

What is the cost of a Vorderosa Puppy?

Visit our Available Puppies page or contact us for current litter pricing. Puppy prices may vary with each litter.

Is the deposit included in the purchase price?

Yes,  the Puppy Deposit is applied towards the purchase price of the puppy.

What if you don't have the female or male puppy I requested, and I sent my deposit in?

The deposit will only be refunded if we are unable to provide the desired puppy, or in the unfortunate event that our vet discovers a serious health issue before a puppy is ready to leave to the new home.  The deposits can also be applied to any next litter of puppies.

Pickup FAQs

Do you ship your puppies?

We do personable, face to face transactions only. Sorry, we do not ship puppies or dogs. 

Can I visit my puppy before pickup day?

Unfortunately, we do not allow puppy buyers to visit the litter prior to the Pick Up Date due to health concerns. Viruses and diseases can easily be transmitted to the litter and our adult dogs, which puts them at risk. We strive to keep our puppies healthy for the buyers that have deposits on their puppy. Naturally, we still want you to observe your puppy's progress, so we will post photos and/or videos periodically on the website of the litter you will be adopting from.

Can I bring my existing pet on pick up day?

Unfortunately, we do not allow your existing pets here on pick up day, for the health and safety of our puppies. Puppies can still easily contract viruses, diseases, and infections at this young age. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

What do I need when I pick up my puppy?

We recommend that your bring a small collar (10"-14"), a basic leash (non-retractable), Waste Disposal Bags, and a small crate. For longer drives home, we recommend a chew toy, water, traveling water dish, and paper towels.

Do I get anything extra with my puppy?

Yes! The price includes: Puppy Packet, Limited Registration AKC Papers (if requested), Health Guarantee, Microchip for identification, Vet Check (first vaccines & deworming), Bath and Nails clipped, and Puppy Food.

Puppy Care FAQs

Do you have a Health Contract?

Yes. Review our Vorderosa Retrievers Puppy Health Contract.

Do you Microchip your puppies?

Yes! Every Vorderosa Puppy will be have an implanted Microchip. You will need to register your Microchip at to activate the chip. A nominal fee is charged on their website.

When should I go to the vet after picking up my puppy?

Puppies need their second booster vaccine three weeks from the first vaccination. This would be about two weeks after picking up your puppy. We recommend selecting a vet and scheduling an appointment before you pick up your puppy, as many vets are several weeks out.

Do you remove the dewclaws?

No, we do not remove the dewclaws on our puppies. Goldens use their dewclaws for cornering, which make contact with the ground and help with traction in sports like agility. Dogs also use their dewclaws as “thumbs” for chewing on bones. Studies have shown that the dogs without their dewclaws have more foot injuries and a higher chance of arthritis in their "wrist."

What are some tips for leaving my puppy home alone?

Crate training or a puppy pen is an excellent option for your new Vorderosa Puppy when you need to be away for several hours. Unfortunately, at this age, the puppy is not disciplined enough to have full reign of the house and does not yet understand that your favorite shoes are not their chew toys. Another option is to hire a pet sitter or have a trusted friend help when you need to be gone.

What puppy food do you recommend?

What you feed your puppy is extremely important in the growth, development, and health throughout its lifetime. We highly recommend puppy and dog food that has meat as the first two or three ingredients. Vorderosa Retrievers will provide enough puppy food that we currently use for transitioning to the puppy food of your choice.

We adopted the puppy to go jogging. When can we start?

Be patient. Your puppy is not ready to run with you until approximately two years of age. Even though your growing puppy may look like an adult, inside they are still maturing. Many people do not realize that forced exercise, such as jogging, for a puppy can unintentionally cause lifelong complications and chronic pain for your pet. Puppies have 14 growth plates that need to close and harden, which takes approximately two years complete. Visit your veterinarian to check the growth plate status. Waiting at least two years to perform more rigorous activities with your dog will allow you to enjoy many more years exercising together.

What is forced exercise?

Forced exercise is anything beyond what the puppy would do when playing with other puppies of the same age. Forced exercise can include, but is not limited to: prolonged running or jogging, bicycling, or skating with a leashed dog; excessive fetching; fast-paced, long walks; jumping on furniture or into cars; running fences with adult dogs; and practicing agility obstacles at competition heights. There is an exorbitant amount of force on the bones and joints that can cause irreversible damage with complications lasting a lifetime. Bone disorders, fractures, joint damage and/or arthritis are common lifelong problems from forced exercise, which can be avoided with proper care.

When should I get my puppy spayed or neutered?

We require all Vorderosa Puppies to be spayed or neutered after 15 months of age. Spaying and neutering too early can cause lifelong problems for the dog. Unfortunately, when this procedure is done too young in a dog's life, there is a delay in the closing of the growth plate, resulting in: fractures, hip dysplasia, joint problems, lymphoma, and tumors.

Does it matter if my adult dog is overweight?

Yes. Overweight goldens can develop many serious health issues such as: diabetes, heart problems, joint problems, kidney disease, arthritis, cancer, liver problems, breathing difficulties, respiratory disease, high blood pressure, and shorter life span. Thankfully, by losing the weight, these conditions may be reversed. Dog obesity occurs through inappropriate or excessive food/treats and lack of exercise. Contact your vet before starting your adult dog on a weight loss plan.

Training FAQs

How do I house train my dog?

Patience and persistence is key. Your puppy will give you a warning sign when needing a potty break, such as spinning, sniffing, whining, circling, leaving the room, or pacing. Always take your puppy out right after they wake up, after a meal, and after or during playtime. Remove water early in the evening to avoid any accidents.

How to get my puppy to stop biting?

Consistency with every family member is important to stop this biting behavior. Here's some options to try:
1. Remain calm and firmly say "No." Pay attention so that the play is not getting too aggressive and you are not using your hands as toys.
2. Redirect your puppy to play with a teething toy instead.
3. Always reward the good behavior you want repeated, whether with a word of praise or cuddle.

How do I teach my puppy its name?

Prepare your training session in an area with minimal distractions. Wait until your puppy looks away from you and then say its name once with a happy tone. As soon as your puppy looks at you, reward with a treat. Your puppy with quickly learn its name!

Should my puppy have free reign of the house?

Many people want to give their new puppy free reign of the house right away. This privilage should be earned and trained through supervised playtime. The puppy can be safely nestled in a crate at night, but during the day, you can oversee playtimes in an exercise pen. This will help keep your puppy safe from swallowing foreign objects while keeping them from chewing valuable items throughout your home. Make sure the puppy has toys in the pen that are rotated periodically to avoid boredom. Another helpful tool is to use a waterproof pad under the exercise pen in case of an accident. Your puppy can slowly be given supervised freedom outside the exercise pen as it learns boundaries within the house.

Life is short, play with your dog.

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