Puppy Adoption Steps

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Step 1

Application Form

Let us know your interest in a Litter by filling out our Application Form.
We have an ongoing General Reservation List (includes both American and English Puppies).
You may have to wait for the Litter you desire if you prefer American vs. English and/or female vs. male.
I'm Interested
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Step 2

Puppy Deposit

A Puppy Deposit is required to reserve the puppy once it is born.  An email will be sent to you.
Pick of the Litter goes to the order of Puppy Deposits received.
The Puppy Deposit will go towards the purchase price of the puppy.
Review the Vorderosa Retrievers Health Contract to answer any questions you may have and better understand the responsibilities new puppy owners have.
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Step 3

Pickup Puppy

A Pickup Date and Time will be emailed at least one month in advance.
The remaining balance is due at time of pickup. (Puppy Cost + tax - minus deposit)
If you are unable to make the Pickup Date, you will need to choose from the puppies that are left on the date you are available.​ Boarding fees may apply.
Please do not bring current pets with you to pick up your new Vorderosa Puppy.
We recommend that your bring a small 10"-14" collar, a basic leash (non-retractable), waste disposal bags, water, and a small crate.
We do personable, face to face transactions only. Sorry, we do not ship puppies or dogs.
Vorderosa Retrievers has a Non-Deposit Puppy Waiting List for those who are uncomfortable sending a deposit for a puppy but wish to be notified by us if a puppy becomes available. Vorderosa Retrievers will prioritize buyers who have paid a Puppy Deposit.

Visitation Policy

Unfortunately, we do not allow puppy buyers to visit the litter prior to the Pick Up Date due to health concerns. Viruses and diseases can easily be transmitted to the litter and our adult dogs, which puts them at risk. We strive to keep our puppies healthy for the buyers that have deposits on their puppy. Naturally, we still want you to observe your puppy's progress, so we will post photos and/or videos periodically on the website of the litter you will be adopting from.

Review our Health Contract before the Puppy Pickup date to clarify any questions and to better understand the responsibilities a new puppy owner has.

Health Contract

Vorderosa Puppy Owners

Check out what our Vorderosa Puppy Owners have to say.

Miss Bella

- Miss Bella has brought lots of smiles to our lives. She's been doing well with going outside and crate training. I'm so impressed with her. You guys really did a great job at producing a quality puppy. We couldn't be more pleased!
- Dawn


Emma is a very smart dog and basically potty trained herself by going to the door when duty called. At four months she already has full house privileges and enjoys sleeping at the end of the bed.
- Eric


Ever since getting Lily, everything has been perfect! She has graduated from puppy training, she is the sweetest little angel and loves loves loves people. Every time we go to the vet, everyone needs to come pet her and bring her around for all the employees to see and she’s always in perfect health!
- Abby & TJ


Midas turned 3 months old yesterday. He's a very good boy. He's almost completely potty trained and is settling into our home very well. He gets lots of attention and love. He gets bigger every day.
- Trevor & Meri


Odie is such a great puppy! The kids love him already and Aaron and I have fallen for him, too :) He sleeps through the night without accidents and is so sweet. He has such a gentle personality! Last pick turned out to be just the right pick :) It is obvious that you guys worked with these puppies a lot!
- Sarah


Our new puppy (Marlow) seems to be feeling more at home as the days go by, she is more playful. She is growing fast and the potty training is going well. She's a nice puppy and we are so happy to have her.
- E & Z

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Application Form

Contact us today to inquire about reserving your Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog. ​If you have general questions, please email us instead.

PLEASE NOTE: Simply filling out this form does not guarantee you a Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog.

Briefly add anything else you want us to know about your situation before being considered for a Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog.
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