Retired Dogs.

Vorderosa Retrievers retired golden retrievers are American, English, or American-English blend. Contact us today about adopting a retired dog. You may have to wait for a retired dog.

Vorderosa Retired Dogs

Interested in skipping the puppy stages? Adopting an older dog can be just as rewarding as getting a puppy. Our retired dogs are ready for lots of cuddles, love to be by your side, and have a calmer temperament as they are older and wiser. All of our dogs are well socialized and trained, and love to meet new people and learn new tricks. Vorderosa Retrievers occasionally have retired dogs that need lifelong homes with a relaxed lifestyle. If you are interested in a retired dog, please contact us by filling out the Application Form.

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Step 1


Let us know your interest in a Retired Dog by filling out our Application Form.
We have an ongoing Retired Dog Adoption List.
You may have to wait for a retired dog.
All of our Vorderosa Retired Dogs have been well socialized and trained. However you will still need to continue with the training as they adjust to their new home.
I'm Interested
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Step 2


Upon reviewing the Application, Vorderosa Retrievers will contact you further with any additional questions by email.
Vorderosa Retrievers will follow up with a decision regarding the qualification decision.
Vorderosa Retrievers desires that each Retired Dog is placed in a lifelong home that nurtures happiness, love, training and safety.
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Step 3

Pickup Retired Dog

All of our retired dogs will be up to date on their vaccinations before going to their new homes.
You will receive the AKC paperwork to transfer the dog's ownership into your name.
Vorderosa Retrievers will coordinate a pickup time once an adult dog becomes available.
We do personable, face to face transactions only. Sorry, we do not ship dogs.

Application Form

Contact us today to inquire about reserving your Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog. ​If you have general questions, please email us instead.

PLEASE NOTE: Simply filling out this form does not guarantee you a Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog.

Briefly add anything else you want us to know about your situation before being considered for a Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog.
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