Meet our Female Goldens

Our American and English  Golden Retrievers.

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Mother Dog


American-English Retriever
June 2022 Litter Expected!
Mother Dog


English Golden Retriever
Mother Dog


American Golden Retriever
June 2022 Litter Expected!
Female Goldens

All you need is love... and a Golden.

Meet our Male Goldens

Our American and English Vorderosa Golden Retrievers.

Male Goldens
Father Dog


English Golden Retriever
Father Dog


American Golden Retriever
Three puppies playing and running outside.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, kind, reliable and have a friendly disposition. Having a playful approach to life and a tolerant attitude, Goldens make fantastic family pets. Their puppy traits of playfulness continue into adulthood, along with their desire of being eager to please. Since they are naturally athletic, they thoroughly enjoy dog sports such as agility, dock diving, flyball, and hunting trials.

Kind & Playful
Reliable & Tolerant
Friendly & Loving

Vorderosa Puppy Owners

Check out what our newest Vorderosa Puppy Owners have to say.


Pepper is doing well. We have seen a lot of progress already. She is a lot of fun.



Just wanted to pass along a few pictures we took of our girl from Savannah’s litter. She’s weighed at 32 pounds this weekend! She’s doing great, seems very happy and is so well mannered. She got to stay with our neighbors for a few days and loved her time with another English Creme.

- Beth


Maverick has been easy to train, enjoys meeting new people & other nice dogs, and has a great calm temperament. She gets excited about outdoor sights/smells (especially leaves blowing in the wind & rabbits running) and always wants to go towards the water when we walk on trails around lakes.

- Rachel

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