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Vorderosa Retrievers has various litters throughout the year. Choose from an American, English, or American-English blend. Join the Reservation List today! You may have to wait for the litter you desire.

Litters 2021

Mariah and Sully

Litter Expected: 
Late October Litter Expected
Litter Info

Aspen and Sully

Litter Expected: 
Mid October Litter Expected
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Our Vorderosa Promise

Our Vorderosa Puppies receive extensive health checks, lots of cuddles and socialization, and plenty of playtime in a controlled and safe environment.

Vorderosa Care
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Vet Exams & Vaccines

Your new puppy will have received their first set of shots, have been wormed, been microchipped, and have had a complete vet exam all before they leave our care at around eight weeks old.

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Lots of Love

Each litter of puppies is born under close observation right inside our home, to make sure that the new family is safe and well cared for.  Every puppy is extensively socialized with our family and enjoys being around people.

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Noise Desensitizing

We begin noise desensitzing your puppy right from the start. We gradually introduce various sounds that your puppy may encounter living with their new family. Every puppy will start to learn that there is nothing to fear with different noises.

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