Willow Puppy

Oakley graduated from his Puppy Socialization class today! It was a class based on socializing him to people, other dogs, various loud noises (thunder, fireworks, vacuum cleaner, etc.) and various objects and places. Next we will start an obedience class at the end of April, although he is already very smart. I work with him everyday, multiple times a day, on training and he already knows sit, down, stand, shake, spin, look at me, leave it, and stay (for a short period of time). He can even heel while in the house! I'm so proud of him! Potty training has been going better these last few weeks. We've hung a bell on the door and he's starting to get a hang of ringing it to let us know he needs to go out. I love him so much and am so excited to continue watching him grow! He has the biggest paws!

- Morgann