Misha Bear

Savannah Puppy

She is the most laid back, loving, smart, beautiful and just plain amazing puppy/dog I have ever had. Our 12 year old lab is adapting well too. Misha thinks she is a toy and Millie just puts up with her… I think she likes having another friend around. I have to mention again how gorgeous she is… the vet spent about 20 minutes telling us how perfect she is in every way and cars slow down when they drive by to look at her. She is getting used to being brushed and puffs up just like a cotton ball. Our boys are quite smitten and I think that’s why they are so helpful. She pees a lot during the day, not going to lie about that, but she can make it through the night - go figure. Luke and I can’t thank you enough for Misha Bear and our correspondence along the way.

- Laura & Luke