Shasta Puppy

When I first got him, he was 12 lbs and now weighed in at his last shots at 24! He is pretty much potty trained, has slept through the night since night one, and knows how to sit, stay, lay down, and shake. Mack truly is my best friend. We now know lay down, roll over, high five, give hugs, and say your prayers for tricks! He’s a great listener and loves playing in the snow. 2020 UPDATE: I cannot believe I already have a two year old! My favorite boy is doing great as always. He loves being at the farm every day finding sticks, chasing the kitties or birds, managing to cover himself in cockleburs and being my right hand man for any task. He loves going for rides in the truck, but his most favorite day of the year is when I carry that 73 lb frame up the ladder for a day in the combine. I’m so lucky to have found you both to give me such an amazing dog and I am forever grateful for my best friend.

- Kari