Autumn Puppy

We have a great dog training club not too far from us where we train. All of the instructors love him, and he enjoys engaging in class. At the age of two he still has times when he acts like a giant puppy and can be a bit wild, but he is always fun and incredibly sweet. We are also preparing to get his AKC Certified Farm Dog title. There is a club in the Iron Range that is planning to host a test day next spring. At that time we’ll also take the test for the Novice Trick Dog title, and maybe the Intermediate Trick Dog title as well. In the spring we should also be ready for competition rally. He is technically ready for novice rally now; it’s me who needs to work on learning the signs and courses. AUGUST 2023 UPDATE: You may also like to know that the temperament testing you and your grandson did with him as a puppy was spot-on. And the noise desensitizing you did with the litter was also incredibly helpful. He is what I call “bomb-proof;” he isn’t bothered in the least by fireworks, gunshots, thunder, sirens, or alarms. If something does happen to startle him, he completely recovers even before I can tell him it’s okay. He is also very treat motivated, which means he is a dream to train. Of course it helps that he is also quite smart. This year has been extra exciting for him since he decided water and swimming can actually be enjoyable. Perhaps he finally realized he was the only golden retriever who disliked water and should re-evaluate his position on the matter...I told you he’s a smart one. His retrieving instinct is also wonderfully strong; he “retrieves” laundry tirelessly from the hamper. Nothing makes one smile like being greeted by a Golden with a gift (even if it’s dirty socks).

- Bonnie & Nicholas