Akaysha Puppy

Bennie amazes us and fills our home with joy every day! We are learning her personality and have found that she LOVES the snow! We go outside a lot for potty breaks and for noise/environmental desensitization. She is adjusting well and does not scare easily by the noises. The same can be said of indoors (blenders, food processors, nail trimmer, dishes/pans, etc). She is doing very well with basic commands (sit, come, down, touch—nose to palm, and up (stand). She is also learning stay, leave it, off, and drop it. She can also do fun commands like roll over, shake and high five. She loves to meet new people and easily wins hearts. She is very easy to love. She has enriched our lives. 2021 Update: She continues to grow and amaze us. She is lean, muscular, active and very agile. She is very loving and cuddly (when she is not tired then she just wants to be left alone). She loves to take multiple walks daily, sniff all things and pick up, carry and drop all the sticks she finds along the way. She makes us laugh and fills us with joy.

- Laura & Tito