2021 Litter

Litter Information

Taking Applications for Fall 2021 Litter!
Golden female named Akaysha


Golden male dog named Rusty


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Litter Information

Litter Expected:
Mid November 2021
English Golden Retrievers
Furever Homes:
Mid January 2022
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Total Deposits:
AKC Pricing, Limited Registration:
(Plus MN Sales Tax)
Final balance is due at time of puppy pickup.
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1. Application Form
2. Send Deposits upon Approval
3. Review Health Contract
4. Check Website for Pupdates
5. Pick up Puppy
Check out Vorderosa's Adoption Process for more details!


Puppy Litter Photos & Videos

Puppy Video

Each litter of puppies has controlled playtime and is daily introduced to many new sights and sounds, mentally stimulating each puppy. Depending on the time of year, a spring, summer or fall litter (weather depending) will be able to experience the outdoors for the first time through monitored play. If you adopt a puppy in the winter, you will have the privilege of introducing your curious puppy to the green grass and butterflies for the first time in their life! 

Puppy Photos

Cream golden puppies in grass
Cream golden puppy sitting  in grass
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Our Vorderosa Promise

Our Vorderosa Puppies receive extensive health checks, lots of cuddles and socialization, and plenty of playtime in a controlled and safe environment.

Vorderosa Care
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Vet Exams & Vaccines

Your new puppy will have received their first set of shots, have been wormed, been microchipped, and have had a complete vet exam all before they leave our care at around eight weeks old.

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Lots of Love

Each litter of puppies is born under close observation right inside our home, to make sure that the new family is safe and well cared for.  Every puppy is extensively socialized with our family and enjoys being around people.

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Noise Desensitizing

We begin noise desensitzing your puppy right from the start. We gradually introduce various sounds that your puppy may encounter living with their new family. Every puppy will start to learn that there is nothing to fear with different noises.

Health Contract

Review our Health Contract before the Puppy Pickup date to clarify any questions and to better understand the responsibilities a new puppy owner has.

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Puppy Owners

Check out what our Vorderosa Puppy Owners have to say.
Shiloh and Mavrick


Millie does so well in the office! I work at a dog-friendly hotel on the University of Minnesota campus. On busy days, she gets to be the "canine concierge" and walk around the lobby getting pets and love from students and guests.
- Kate
Shiloh and Mavrick


I thought I would send you a few updated photos of London. She was 7 months old sitting by the Christmas tree. She continues to be a real sweetheart - we couldn't be happier. She is beautiful and has sweet disposition.
- Brett
Shiloh and Mavrick


It's so funny, when we are walking and people approach he will sit down and either wait for them to pass or if OK he will calmly say hi. I’ve never had a puppy that behaves as good as he does.
- Danika

Past Litter Photos

Shiloh's cream puppy in grass
Shiloh's cream puppy in grass
Shiloh's cream puppy in grass
Shiloh's cream puppies in garden
Shiloh's cream puppy in grass
Shiloh's cream puppy in grass
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Application Form

Complete our simple Application Form to show your interest in a Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog. ​If you have general questions please email us instead.

PLEASE NOTE: Simply filling out this form does not guarantee you a Vorderosa Puppy or Retired Dog.